Vision And Mission

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As the NEP 2020 stresses upon the pursuit of knowledge (Jnan), wisdom( Pragya), and truth (Satya), our founders aim at developing today's children to tomorrow's task force of the country. And this is possible if they are equipped with resources and trained for skill development to raise capable citizens of tomorrow with scientific temper, creative imagination, and ethical values.

For this very purpose, our founders place Teachers and Staff training at the center to recruit the best and train them most efficiently to bring quality control and accountability.

The progress towards achieving equity of education for all is being challenged by various social and natural consequences. Mr. Shailendra Tiwari has been spearheading the educational needs of vulnerable children and access to remote learning for nearly a decade.

With Skilllil India reaching out to manage existing to new institutions in every physical and social corner of the nation, our founders are building upon their goal to bring our educational institutions and students to challenge their global counterparts.

About our


Under the banner of Skilllil India, Mr. Shailendra is striving to collaborate and partner with more and more schools ranging from rural to semi-urban and urban spectrum to provide professional solutions to the school educators, founders, or trustees.

He recognizes the disparities in the access to education and learning outcomes in different areas and social groups across the country. This poses a major challenge to the founders and trustees of educational institutions with the finances, administrational permissions, authorizations from the competent bodies, school affiliation, and operational management.

Here Skilllil marches in for its partners to consolidate their vision into a reality with an emphasis on their challenges, growth, and profitability. This involves partnership at various levels to achieve the mutual goals with education and institutional progress and the development of the partners.

Comprising a team of financial experts to educational exponents, ranging from infrastructural Designers, Architects, Business Consultants, Academicians, Researchers, capacity building Trainers, Chartered Accountants, Software Experts, Legal Advisors, Marketing Specialists, Skilllil address every concern of its partners.