Chairman's Desk

 The pursuit of achieving perfection should not be a hindrance in innovation.

As a firm believer in innovation in education, I always strive for better. I am envisaging a world where education is global, where impacts are visible, and where kids are free to learn without restrictions.

With over 20 years of experience in teaching, administration, and managing school activities, I have understood the ground reality of the education system in our nation. I believe schools in India have a long way to go compared to some of the best schools across the world. Although it is not impossible, the journey is still long and the road is filled with hurdles, which can be overcome.

Paving a solid foundation for the supreme quality education of all schools in our nation, my team is constantly working to upscale schools from the scratch. Education cannot be confined to textbooks only. Education means encouraging kids to have high logical and critical thinking, having the ability to comprehend the core issues, solve the problem effectively, and think beyond the limited boundaries. With these strengths in my mind, I am trying to build a podium where I can offer schools a complete transformation.

For the last 20 years, I have been counselling schools, assisting and promoting business fare and entrepreneurship among students, helping schools to upscale their modus operandi, making kids aware about virtual reality and AI, aiding students to develop habits to broaden their horizon towards a better and greener environment.

Mrs. Sarita Tiwari
Chairperson Asheville World Group of schools


A scientist and an eminent educationist, Mr. Shailendra Tiwari is the Founder Chairperson of Skilllil India. A proponent of Innovation in Education, his vision aligns with providing equitable access to the highest quality of education for all learners.

Years of research at Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, ISRO emboldened his early passion for spreading quality education among children to harness their full human potential, aiding in national development.

Being an entrepreneur, a scientist, an engineer, an academician, and a pioneer researcher are the guiding lights illuminating his becoming of a man with a vision. And the vision is to integrate the schooling systems in India with the fabrics of innovation, conducive infrastructure, appropriate resources, and re-establishing teachers.

"In synergy with the aims of New Educational Policy and SDG 4, Mr. Shailendra Tiwari believes in inclusive growth, addressing developmental imperatives of educational institutions, and aiding in the national aim of making India a global knowledge superpower."

He is running Asheville World School at Murbad as part of an educational trust managing schools and higher educational institutions across the states of Maharashtra, UP, and Bihar.

His early passion towards education took shape from passion to reason in Skilllil India, along with his wife, Mrs. Sarita Tiwari, an accomplished educationist having a common goal. Nothing would make him happier than to furnish the students with the best possible resources and access to equitable education and care.

Under the exemplary leadership of Mr. Shailendra Tiwari and Mrs. Sarita Tiwari, Skilllil India is reconfiguring support and fostering learning by setting up new schools pan-India and entering into business association with existing and new institutions.

Right from the envisioning of the educational institution to planning, infrastructural development, commissioning, branding, staff training, and financial operations of the institution, Skilllil stands firm at every step of its managerial and administrational handholding.

Mr. Shailendra Tiwari
Chairperson Asheville World Group of schools