Other Amenties


There is a huge dining hall where students along with the staff enjoy their meals in a disciplined but pleasant manner. Community lunch is encouraged with emphasis on proper table manners.

Small cafeterias are spread at different corners of the campus to provide refreshments.

TV Rooms

Multiple TV rooms are present in the hostel with comfortable seating arrangement for both the staff and the students. These large sized TV rooms have provision for watching news, educational programs and talk shows. Everything is monitored and under discipline. Exposure to any irrelevant content is non permissible.

Recreational Centers

Care is taken to ensure that the people in the campus have proper recreation facilities. There are special rooms for indoor games like table tennis, carom, etc. Special rooms are there for yoga and meditation, besides study and meeting rooms. There is a mini library  and also a gathering room to host small functions.

In a nutshell, the campus has all amenities for recreational activities.